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For Car Repairs, Call us at 615-454-3965

(1) Car AC and Heat Repairs

Cool air in a car is a necessity during the summer help prevent heat stroke. During the winter, your car needs to have heat so that you can feel warm and drive comfortably.

At B & N Auto Care, our trained technicians can fix your care Air condition or heater inexpensively. We will service your car promptly, so that you can get back on the road.

Whether your car or truck needs A/C Repair Services, A/C Freon, or A/C Recharge Services, just bring your car in at your convenient time or call us to schedule an appointment.

(2) Car Axle Repair

Are you experiencing mechanical problems with your car’s joints? No one enjoys driving a car that suffers from CV axles. Bring your car in to B & N Auto care or call us to schedule an appointment for inspection of your CV axles to ensure that your ride runs smoothly.

(3) Auto Brake Repair

The importance of your automobile having reliable brakes cannot be neglected, especially during severe weather or emergency stops.

At B & N Auto Care, our trained technicians take the time to inspect your brakes and repair them properly. We also perform brake diagnostics and make recommendations that fit your budget.

Whether you need brake service, brake parts, brake pads, brake rotors or drums, just come to our workshop and we will take good care of you.

Our prices are very affordable!

Hurry, bring your car or truck to B & N Auto Care. You may call to schedule appointment during the day or weekends.

(4) Car Diagnostics

Because of our 10 years experience in auto repairs, we can spot a problem and offer solutions that fit your budget. B & N Auto Care currently offers free visual diagnostic test and advice on your available repair options before you start spending any money on repairs.

(5) Car Muffler and Exhaust System

Does you muffler make a loud noise when you are driving down the road? This is a clear indication that your muffler system needs repair.

At B & N Auto Care, we have trained technicians that can examine your muffler and exhaust system to detect the serious problems. Detecting and fixing your muffler promptly will help reduce engine noise and minimize the spread of carbon monoxide and/or carbon dioxide fumes in the atmosphere.

So, bring your automobile to our workshop at your convenient time or call to schedule an appointment. Our prices are very affordable. We will take good care of you.

(6) Car Oil Change:

We make oil changes pleasant and affordable for our customers at B & N Auto Care.

Our auto mechanics are trained with the right tools to change oil for imports and domestic autos effectively. So bring your car to our workshop or call us to schedule an appointment for your next oil change.

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(7) Auto Tire Change and Balance:

Do you have a flat tire or are your tires worn out? No problem. We can replace worn out tires, so that you can drive safely.

When flat tire occurs, just call us. We will come to you and fix it or we can tow your car to our workshop and have the flat tire fixed.

Call us B & N Auto Care at 615-454-3965 for Repairs

Call Ben Tow Service at 615-977-6468 for towing

(8) Auto Tune up

Regular tune-ups done on your car or truck will extend the life of your automobile, provide you with better gas millage and minimize the unexpected car breakdown, which every automobile owner dislikes.

Call our office to schedule an appointment or bring your automobile at your convenient time to B & N Auto Care, and one of our trained technicians will perform routine tune-up effectively to save you time and money.

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For Car Repairs, Call us at 615-454-3965

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